Some interesting birds from Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA - 18 August 2002

Digiscoped images by Blair Nikula ( 2002). Click on the thumbnails for a full-sized image

An American Avocet feeding with Greater Yellowlegs on the rising tide in Nauset Bay (below the Coast Guard Beach parking lot)
AvocetNauset1.jpg (49312 bytes)    AvocetNauset2.jpg (54999 bytes)

An albinistic/leucistic sandpiper roosting on Coast Guard Beach. I initially assumed this to be a Semipalmated Sandpiper, but upon looking at the images I realized the bill structure is suggestive of Western Sandpiper (though on the short side). However, I spent a lot of time looking over the 2,500+ peep present in the area and could not find a single Western. The chances that the only Western on the beach was this abnormal individual seem exceedingly small, so I'll just call it a peep species.
AlbinoSandpiper2002a.jpg (50417 bytes)    AlbinoSandpiper2002b.jpg (53029 bytes)    AlbinoSandpiper2002c.jpg (51196 bytes)    AlbinoSandpiper2002d.jpg (50069 bytes)

There must be something in the water at Coast Guard Beach, because not far from the pale sandpiper was this abnormally pale Semipalmated Plover. I can't recall ever seeing a SEPL like this before.
PaleSEPLadCGBch0802a1.jpg (51204 bytes)    PaleSEPLadCGBch0802a2.jpg (53360 bytes)