Brown Pelicans on Cape Cod

 November 2012

At the end of  October, 2012, a powerful hybrid storm moved up the East Coast, making landfall in southern New Jersey, and bringing hurricane force winds as far north as southern New England. It also displaced many birds, among which were a number of Brown Pelicans, with perhaps as many as a dozen or more in southeastern Massachusetts. Following are images of a couple of individuals (or possibly the same individual) in Harwich Port on 2 November and Brewster on 3 November (first seen on 2 November).

These images were taken with a Canon 7D and Canon 300mm IS lens w/1.4X converter and are copyright 2012 by Blair Nikula.

The first two images are of an immature that spent an hour or so at Allen Harbor in Harwich Port around noon on 2 November.

The following images are of a banded immature at Sheep Pond in Brewster on 3 November (discovered on 2 November). This bird appeared to be doing poorly and was captured by employees of Wild Care who took it in for rehabilitation.